EnergyBus published standards

At various levels, EnergyBus is based around a series of national and international standards. National standards to a large extent reflect the international standards. EnergyBus applies the following harmonised standards:

IEC 61851-3

defines general requirements for AC and DC conductive power supply systems for light electric vehicles and battery swap systems. In July 2019, the use of EnergyBus communications was adopted by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the sole publisher of international standards. More details


DIN EN 50604-1

describes general safety requirements and test procedures for secondary lithium batteries for use in light electric vehicles. More details


IEC DIN 62196-4

defines plugs, sockets, vehicle connectors and requirements for conductive charging of electric vehicles. More details


Standards are not legally binding. Instead they define a benchmark below which companies which operate professionally should not fall. However public tendering processes, CE marking and insurers may apply these standards as mandatory requirements, and such standards may also be referenced in product liability disputes.