The official standard for micromobility


In concept, Energybus is similar to the USB interface used on computers. Every USB-compliant device can be linked to any other via “Plug & Play”. What makes this possible is standardised specifications for the data and power connections, and also a unified connector standard.

EnergyBus is an open standard and purpose-made bus system for the electrical components in Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) such as pedelecs, e-bikes, e-scooters, and also for energy management systems. It is based on the automotive CAN standard. The EneryBus protocol has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of light electric vehicles, and accordingly prioritises processing of system data, data packet transfer and on defining hardware such as connectors, cables etc. This means that manufacturers benefit from a standardised, closely defined developer toolkit. The standardisation allows all manufacturer of LEVs to use the same charging Infrastructure.