Plug & Play Infrastructure

safety & Quality

EnergyBus guarantees safety through certified, standardised testing procedures and safety standards. The locking charge cable combines safe charging with effective theft protection. 

artificial intelligence

Algorithms process the status and availability of transport modes to optimise service efficiency. User profiles and charge tracking are analysed to improve service attractiveness, and to increase revenues for the service provider.

Parking space management

Micro-mobility hire and sharing systems must be accessible and reliable to be accepted by users. Systematic management of parking and charging of vehicles ensures easier access to micro-mobility. With EnergyBus, cities and municipalities can control the use of their public space effectively.


The standardisation of the interface enables components, vehicles and infrastructure to form an interchangeable, open system. Components can be used in a variety of different vehicles, reducing their costs through economies of scale. More efficient system integration is made possible by the predefined interfaces – shortening development times and reducing development costs.