The EnergyBus organisation brings together three legal strands:


Promotion of the Standard

EnergyBus e.V. is a registered membership association with the objective of promoting standardised charging infrastructure for e-bikes, pedelecs and other Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs). Its members are both individuals and manufacturers of electric vehicle components such as plugs, batteries, control systems and drive units. The Association has existed since 2007.


certification & conformance

EnergyBus GmbH is a fully-owned subsidiary of EnergyBus e.V. This company’s responsibilities include regulations and processes for the certification of the EnergyBus standard, distribution of brand licenses and conformity testing.


Industrialisation & Licensing

EnergyBus Operations GmbH is a joint venture between EnergyBus GmbH and Mastermind Advisory Services. The task of this company is the global licensing of the patent rights of EnergyBus e.V.